Let us help you get your poop in a group.

The days are done where you can find reliable talent who knew exactly how to do certain jobs. Now we have to train each and every employee on how we want the job to get done. Vitendo makes it easier to train each employee, the same way, every time.

Vitendo eliminates these types of internal questions:

  • How do i do XYZ?
  • Who do i go to for XYZ?
  • Where can i find XYZ document?
  • How do i operate ABC on XYZ piece of equipment?
  • What do i do in my first week after hire?

Simple, Secure and Fast

Create a Digital Database of all those huge binders you have in your office. No more 200pg PDF's that no-one reads, its all easily accessible in the cloud.

Brainstorm What Topics/How To's You Want On Video

We have a proven process to take any piece of equipment or process and gather topics for training.

Set A Date for Shooting

With proper planning, we can shoot 20-40 training videos a day.

Approve Build

We upload all assets into your Vitendo Training Portal and you make sure everything is placed correctly. Takes 7 business days.

Take Charge of the Care You Receive

Is your crew on-the-go?

Vitendo allows your crew to train out in the field, on-demand, on their mobile devices.

Attach "How-to" Videos to work orders.

Instead of only having certain crew members do tasks that they only know how to do. Allow your other technicians to tackle those tasks to work more efficiently.

Link your assets anywhere in the field.

Not all facilities are built equal. Each location should have its own "directions" on how to operate/service/troubleshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

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